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Wood Flooring Design in Holland

The Source of Hardwood Flooring Trends WFT recently sat down with our good friend Johan Delissen from Royal Dutch Floor in Schijndel, Holland to discuss current hardwood floor trends. WFT – Johan thanks for taking the time to visit with us … Continue reading

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Do Hardwood Floors Scratch?

Only if you live on them. The great thing is they still look and feel fantastic. This 3″ Heart Pine wood floor is 80 years old and has only been refinished once. A few battle scars here and there but … Continue reading

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Wood Floors from The Great Gatsby

Parquet Wood Flooring from The Great Gatsby Set Due to the hype surrounding the release of the summer blockbuster re-make, the gilded age will be all the rage from now until next February when we’ll learn if the effort proved … Continue reading

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Wood Floor of the Week

Pine Wood Floor in a Palatial Setting These incredible pine planks were installed in Amalienborg Castle in Copenhagen during a 5 year restoration project.  Dinesen, a fouth generation wood flooring company founded in the small Danish town of Jels in 1898, … Continue reading

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Wire Brushed Wood Floors

I’m seeing a continuing shift where clients are still wanting wood floors some texture but not necessarily the hand scraped looks.  Wire-brushed floors which seemed to have a false start 5 years ago are now widely accepted. New wire-brushing techniques … Continue reading

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Social Media and Wood Flooring

After a busy season of traveling, where I get behind on my posts it’s always so difficult to get started again.  I keep hearing the words of social media expert Paul Guillin in my head telling me “you just have … Continue reading

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Hardwood Floor of the Week – 17

Elmira College was founded in 1855 in Elmira, New York. Elmira College is noted most famously for being the home of Mark Twain’s study from which he wrote Life on the Mississippi, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, and … Continue reading

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