White Walls / Wood Floors – a Gallery

I guess you could call this the white album.  Wood floors are a perfect compliment to any wall color and they look particularly good with white.  I’ve sorted them out by floor type.  Here are a few of my favorites.

White Walls / Old School Floors

These are basic floors, nothing fancy here.  Just years of character and patina and perfection.

traditional wood flooring

3 1/4″ White Oak Floors

wood flooring

2 1/4″ Red Oak Floors stained Coffee Brown

oak wood floors

Oak Wood Flooring

hardwood floor

2 1/4″ Southern Red Oak – Red Oak from the south has much more pronounced grain patterns than oak from the Appalachians or the Ozarks.

red oak wood floors

2 1/4″ Natural Red Oak Floors

maple wood flooring

5″ Character Maple Floors – Medium Brown

White Walls / Wide Plank Wood Floors

Wide planks, which have incorrectly been characterized as “room shrinking”, continue to grow in popularity.  Particularly in longer lengths and rustic grades showing the full scope of the hardwood’s naturalness.

plank wood floors

5″ White Oak Floors

plank wood flooring

5″ White Oak Floors – Whitewashed

White Walls / Dark Hardwood Floors

Good guys and bad guys.  Dark and light, black and white have never gotten along this well before.

dark wood flooring

2 1/4″ Red Oak Floors – stained dark brown/ebony

dark wood floor wall color

5″ Select Walnut Floors

random width wood flooring

Random width white oak flooring

White Walls / Patterned Floors

Floors for the obsessively compulsed.  Nothing random here, pretty maids all in a row.

herringbone wood flooring

Red Oak Herringbone Wood Floor

Chevron wood floor

3″ Rift and Quartered White Oak floors in the Chevron pattern stained chestnut

herringbone wood floor pattern

3″ x 15″ White Oak Herringbone wood floors

White Walls / Rustic Floors

Bring more nature inside.  Everyone has flaws and defects, why hide them?  Natural, authentic, real.

rustic wood flooring

5″ Natural White oak floors in Euro grade

rustic hardwood flooring

Random width character white oak floor

rustic hardwood floor

4″ Rustic Maple

hickory wood floors

3 1/4″ Natural Hickory Floors

reclaimed wood flooring

Random width reclaimed pine floors

White Walls / Foreign Love Affair

Saucy Brazilian entanglement.  Red floors are coming back to life.

brazilian cherry wood flooring

5″ x 15″ Select Brazilian Cherry Floors

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