NWFA Expo Brief

I’ve been on the road for most of the month of April having most recently attended the NWFA Expo in Orlando.  Without a doubt this was the best show NWFA has put on in recent memory.  Congratulations to Michael Martin for infusing a sense of momentum and excitement back into the association.

National Wood Flooring Association

As for the show and any visible trends, the most obvious push is still towards low-VOC hardwax oil finishes.  It seemed every manufacturer was displaying at least one line of product that utilized these new finishes.  In addition many of the finish companies were touting their new line of cleaning products specially formulated to maintain these new surface treatments.

European white oak in wide widths, a trend we spotted at Surfaces, also continues to grow in popularity particularly in grey tones with low sheens.  All in all, nothing strikingly new in terms of product trends, however the major trend noticed and one we hope continues is good attendance at this show and a sense of excitement among attendees and exhibitors.

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