The 2012 Knotty Awards

The Academy of Distinguished Flooring Performances presents the 2012 Knotty Awards

And the Knotty goes to….  view the 3 categories below and submit your vote!



Award for Best Make-up / Costume Design

The nominees are…

Hard maple / Acer Saccharum

Natural Maple Wood Flooring

Hard Maple au naturel

Maple Hardwood Floor

Hard Maple all made up. This maple was hand-scraped and then smoothed by hand with high grit sandpaper. The edges were then beveled by hand and sanded for a softening effect. Lastly, a light coffee stain was applied before being lacquered with 7 coats of finish.

White Oak / Quercus alba

White Oak Wood Flooring

White Oak au naturel

White Oak Hardwood Floor

White Oak all made up. These 7 1/2" wide white oak planks were wire-brushed twice before going through the fuming process. In the tradition of Stickley, Limbert and Roycroft, the white oak is exposed to ammonia which reacts with the tannins in the wood and darkens in appearance. Notice the sapwood of the planks, which contains less tannin, reacts less than the darker heartwood. These planks were then finished with 5 coats of hard-wax oil.

Hickory / Carya laciniosa

Hickory Wood Floor

Hickory wood floor au naturel

Handscraped Hickory wood floor

Hickory all made up. These hickory planks were hand-sculpted and sanded, then hand beveled and dual stained coffee/rosewood before being finished with 7 coats of polyurethane.

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Award for Best Visual Element in a Supporting Role

The nominees are…

2 1/4″ S&B Red Oak for Rue Magazine spread In the Works Jan 2012 issue

Red Oak flooring from

From the Jan issue 2012 of Rue Magazine, these 2 1/4" Select & Better Red Oak floors are a great supporting visual element to this fantastic space.

5″ Character White Oak planks for Sarah Richardson’s Cottage

Plank white oak wood floor

These 5" Character white oak planks provide a great rustic base for this interior from Sarah Richardson Design.

4″ Select & Better Red Oak Harwood Floor for kitchen2 at

Red oak wood flooring

Not to be outdone by a fantastic heart pine ceiling, these red oak planks gracefully play a supporting role in this great kitchen.

2 1/4″ Select & Better Red Oak (2nd nomination in this category) for SNEAK PEEK: ASHER ISRAELOW AND JAMIE GOLDENBERG from

Red Oak hardwood floors

Most floors would be intimidated to work side-by-side with hardwood royalty like this walnut table, but in its second nomination in this category, 2 1/4" red oak literally supports this incredible walnut slab table in a recent post.

3″ Rift & Quartered White Oak for spread Shannon’s Soothing Mix of Styles

Rift and Quartered White Oak

Dressed in a coffee/ebony stain these white oak floors ground the entire scene in this setting from feature Shannon's Soothing Mix of Styles.

Award for Best Visual Element in a Leading Role

The nominees are…

6″ Select Walnut for post Modern Residence in California Opened Towards a Dramatic Landscape

Walnut Wood Flooring

These select walnut floors steal the show in this setting from Wide and long planks show all the true character of the timber and provide a striking visual to this interior.

3 1/4″ Natural Hickory floors for from the Parkview collection.

Natural Hickory Wood Flooring

These floors exhibit tremendous presence in this interior. From the warm brown heartwood to the creamy white sapwood this floor shows its versatility in this scene from

Random width Select Red Oak for from

Oak hardwood floors

In the performance of its career, this random width oak floor takes your breath away and leaves you wanting more.

Reclaimed herringbone in random widths for

herringbone wood floor

These reclaimed planks in the age-old herringbone pattern give us the come back performance of the year. This pattern has been in use for hundreds of years but never as strikingly or convincingly as this.

Walnut in parquet for Sextant from

Parquet wood flooring

Walnut hardwood had to completely re-create itself to play this role. Generally fashionable from its visual appearance in color and tone, this walnut floor added depth to this performance by taking the form of the parquet pattern Sextant from the

Thanks for participating in the 2012 Trendies!

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  1. Millie Rivera says:

    Beautiful floors and great pictures.

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