Hardwood Floor of the Week -8

R&Q White Oak Still a Symbol of Status

Rift & Quartered White Oak has long been a wood floor option reserved for very refined tastes.  White oak logs are cut into four quartered sections and then the lumber is sawn in such a way as to keep the growth rings of the wood perpendicular to the face of the lumber.

This not only provides a stunning visual in oak that limits the amount of wavy cathedral grain.  The resulting grain patterns are vertical to the face of the flooring which mutes the effects of the wood grain on the final product appearance.  This technique also produces flooring that is much more dimensionally stable and resistant to expansion and contraction with changing humidity levels.

Toronto, San Francisco, New York, Dallas and Seattle have been and continue to be strong markets for rift & quartersawn white oak flooring although each city has a different standard stain color for the product.

3" Select Rift & Quartered White Oak Floor

3″ Select Rift & Quartered White Oak wood floor stained medium/coffee brown. From apartmenttherapy.com post Shannon’s Soothing Mix of Style

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