This Week: The Future of Hand-scraped Floors

Participate in this week’s poll about hand-scraped floors.  Later this week we’ll have comments from our contributors on their take on the where this trend is headed.



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2 Responses to This Week: The Future of Hand-scraped Floors

  1. Hand-Scraped floors have evolved in the last 10 years. Clients don’t want the machine-scraped floors that have a repetitive scraping pattern and manufactured look. Clients want a floor that is truly scraped by hand so it has the most authentic look, this is most appealing to my clients. A small business like mine will hand-scrape the floors prior to shipping so nothing needs to be done on site. The key to this is being able to customize and tailor the scraping to the clients desired needs. For example at Carlisle some clients only hand want edges scraped especially on Antique woods. But on hardwoods like Hickory and Oak that will never distress on their own they use our Footworn Surface which provides the floor will subtle, but authentic imperfections – here’s a few examples.

  2. We sell a fair amount of pre-finished hand scraped flooring, but this is usually due to the client looking to save money on a nice floor. The true solid hardwoods that are truly hand scraped are a great choice for any home. In today’s unstable economy though, the pre-finished usually takes the cake. But as far as trends go, the hand scraped has made some significant gains recently.

    ProSand Flooring

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